For those patients requiring dentistry of a more complex nature, the following surgical procedures are available:Endodontic (Root Canal) Treatment

Our practice uses modern endodontic methods at every stage of your root canal treatment, ensuring it is faster, more comfortable, and more thorough than was possible with older methods. Laser and ozone therapy maximise the chances of success, and in intricate cases a microscope is used.

Soft Tissue Surgery
This includes gingival (gum) re-contouring, crown lengthening and aesthetic gum shaping and/or sculpting. Depending on your needs, soft tissue procedures can be an ideal option for enhancing the shape of your teeth and your smile.

Dental Implants
We offer the latest implant solutions for missing teeth, plate stabilisation or spaces created by the loss of teeth that are beyond restoration. An implant is the closest dentistry can offer to recreating a natural tooth, which makes implants a very popular long term solution to missing teeth.
Tissue Regeneration
We perform tissue regeneration for ‘mobile teeth’, implants and in the treatment of gum disease, extending the life of your teeth and gums wherever possible.