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Dental Centre Maroochydore has invested heavily in equipment and training to ensure that you are getting the most up to date, comfortable and accurate treatments possible.

With a 3D digital scanner to take digital moulds of your teeth and gums instead of needing to take unpleasant impressions this information can be sent to advanced laboratories within seconds.

A 3D Cone beam x-ray allows accurate assessment for implant treatments, the nerve position for wisdom tooth surgery or problems that are otherwise impossible to see on 2D X-rays.

Dental Centre Maroochydore - Advanced Technology

Smile Design software allows dentists to digitally preview multiple options for the restoration of your ideal smile.  It also provides great planning information to achieve ideal results, should you wish to proceed with treatment.

Implant Studio software allows for planning of your entire implant treatment digitally from surgery to final tooth crown.  Your case is completed virtually in the first instance and then extremely accurate results are achieved by using a precise surgical drill guide made by a 3D printer.

Intra-Oral cameras in each surgery are used to take high resolution photographs of your teeth to show you in detail any problems that have identified.

If you have never had a cleaning treatment with a Dental Therapist or Hygienist before, we are sure you will be impressed with how thorough this treatment is.

At Dental Centre Maroochydore we use the Airflow Prophylaxis Master which is the latest innovation for the highest hygiene standards – it is a unique solution for caries, perio prevention and maintenance.

Airflow Prophylaxis Master
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