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At Dental Centre Maroochydore we have dentists specially trained in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) and snoring with oral appliance therapy or mandibular advancement splints (MAS).

These devices are custom made and adjustable to comfortably position your lower jaw in the ideal place during sleep to keep your airway open and also to keep snoring at bay.  Mandibular Advancement Splints are the most effective treatment for snoring alone.  Many of our patients are treated in order to facilitate a good night’s sleep for their partner!

Dental Centre Maroochydore - Sleep Apnoea

Many patients struggle to sleep with CPAP machines attached to their mouth and nose.  Oral appliance therapy is much easier to tolerate and is a scientifically supported treatment alternative to CPAP.  This therapy is recommended by the worldwide peak body in sleep medicine as a genuine first line alternative to CPAP for treatment of mild to moderate sleep apnoea.

We use the Somnodent® oral appliance for our patients.  Claims for treatment costs can be made using your private health insurance according to your policy details.  It is necessary to have this treatment option recommended by your sleep physician in order to make a claim.

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