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We are equipped with advanced technology low dose x-ray equipment.  We can take Full mouth OPG x-rays, 3D Cone beam x-rays and standard x-rays all within the practice with instant results and no need to visit a separate x-Ray clinic.

X-ray examinations are performed at specific intervals according to your individual risk factors, and are important to identify symptomless early tooth decay and disease under the gum that is not otherwise visible in the mouth.

We routinely see patients who have no pain, but have hidden decay picked up on X-Rays that is already very close to the nerve of the tooth.  As standard we will take two small X-Rays of your back teeth every two years to check for hidden decay.  A full mouth OPG or 3D cone beam X-Ray is taken at less regular intervals according to individual need, for instance to assess wisdom teeth or implant treatments.  In addition we will X-Ray individual teeth and roots of concern as required. We also screen for signs of sinus disease, cysts and tumours of the jaws.

Failure to pick up early symptomless disease will lead to disease progression, and bigger or more complex treatments will be required to resolve this later on.

Dental Centre Maroochydore - X-Rays
Dental Centre Maroochydore - X-Rays
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