Dr. Som-Ling Leung


Som-Ling is looking forward to joining the Dental Centre Maroochydore team, as it enables her to continue clinical dentistry while she is studying a Masters of International Health at Monash University.  Som-ling is also working with the Solomon Island National and Provincial Dental Department to design and implement a rural School based Oral Health Programme.

After working as a dentist for 23 years, Som-Ling sold her dental practice in Murwillumbah, Northern NSW in 2012. Over the past four years, Som-Ling has been working in Alice Springs, and travelling down to Ayres Rock for four days every two months to provide dental care to the surrounding communities and resort staff. In Alice Springs, she was the only provider for cosmetic dentistry, which included complex restorative treatment, such as veneers, crowns and implants. However sometimes improving a smile can simply involve reshaping or changing fillings.

Som-Ling enjoys helping people regain confidence and control over their oral health. She enjoys spending time talking about your smile, or concerns and will work to create a treatment plan specifically for you. After being in Alice Springs, she is excited to be returning to the coast and having a milder summer.  While in Alice Springs, Som-Ling decided to learn to kite board, and hopes that by the end of this season, she will be able to spend more time on the board than in the water or untangling lines.